Help end the fight against

luggage loneliness.

We believe luggage deserves its time in the sun. You know, instead of being in a garage, or under the bed, or used simply as storage. If we can change the way people are using their neglected luggage and use it to travel instead, we’ll make the world a better place. We’ll make Texas a better place too. Help us end the fight against lonely luggage and enter to win travel getaways all summer!

Did you know?

There are a lot of ways Texas tourism strengthens our economy. Discover them below:

The Texas travel industry has a direct economic impact of $69 billion, which supports more than 1.1 million Texas jobs.

Visitor spending generates 3.8 billion dollars in state tax revenues.

Travel & tourism supports 1 in 10 Texas jobs.

Visitor spending generates 2.4 billion in local tax revenues.

State and local tax revenues generated by the travel Industry represent almost 5.5% of all state and local revenues.

Travel and tourism is one of Texas’ top export oriented industries.

The GDP of the travel industry is $32.8 Billion. Only oil and gas production and related manufacturing has a significantly greater GDP.

Without visitor spending, every Texas household would have paid an additional $1020 more in taxes.

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